Looking to sell your house in the Pittsburgh area?

We Offer a Better Way to
Sell Your House
Easily, and Privately.

Avoid the Time, Hassle, Expense...and Uncertainty of Listing Your House With a Real Estate Agent.

Do you want to sell your house quickly but don't know where to turn? Are you wondering what other options you have besides "listing" your property and hoping someone will buy it?

There are lots of "We Buy Houses" type websites on the Internet,  most of them are lead generation sites that give your name to one or more people. How can you tell who are honest buyers vs. the shady ones that are looking to take advantage of homewoners?

One way to recognize the shady characters is their heavy use of fancy graphics, hypnotizing headlines, and slick promises.

Are they telling you that you need to make a decision on their offer today because they are "looking at several other houses"?  Are they using other "hard sell" tactics?

As serious, professional home buyers, we don't need to use those kind of tactics.  We can look at your situation objectively, provide some suggestions, propose solutions or offers that may work for you, and close on the property professionally.  Does that sound fair to you?

Does any of the following apply to your situation?
  • Your real estate agent hasn't come through for you, despite all kinds of promises like "I can sell this house in 60 days".
  • You're not sure what your agent has done to sell your house other than put it in the MLS database and place a sign in the yard that features them, not your house.
  • Your home needs some (or a lot) of repairs and you don't have the time or money to do it.
  • You are an Executor, Beneficiery, or Heir of an estate and just want to sell the house so you can close out the estate.
  • You are going through a divorce and the house needs to sell so you can get on with your life.
  • You are behind on payments or taxes and you realize there is no way that you can afford the house.
  • You are in foreclosure and are looking to save yor credit, avoid having a foreclosure on your record, and maybe get some cash out of your property before the Sheriff sells it at auction.
  • You're tired of having strangers roam through your house, tired of keeping it clean, and tired of the inconvenient appointments and open houses.
  • You've been flooded with "We Buy Houses" letter and flyers, but they just don't seem right to you.
  • You are a burned-out landlord that is tired of chasing down rents every month.

If you can relate to any of the situations above, you need to give us a try.  We're a group of seasoned, professional investors.

Here's what we offer:

We don't want to list your home...we want to buy your home. Listing a home can take months while you wait for the person that loves your home and wants to live there.  We can buy your house in days, not months.  Now, we're not going to live there either, but we can wait to find a buyer or tenant provided we get a suitable price to that allows us to cover the holding costs and risk of having a vacant house.

We are not "one-trick ponies" that can only buy your house if you sell it to us cheap.  We've worked with homeowners, agents, contractors, investors, landlords, bankruptcy and estate attorneys, and many others.  We have multiple, creative solutions for just about any housing issue.

Whatever your situation, we've probably seen it, or worse.  We specialize in finding creative solutions that go beyond the typical "let me list your house" pitch.  Make no mistake, we are looking to make a profit by buying and fixing/selling/renting your house.  To do that we can not buy your house for cash if you are looking for full market value and are not flexible on the purchase arangement.  That's what real estate agents offer.  If that's what you really want, listing with an agent may be better for you.

However, if you have some flexibility and are willing to have someone rent your home for a few months while they improve their credit to qualify for a loan, we can probably agree to pay you a price that is full market value, and pay you a market rate for rent.

You don't need to fix up your house in order to sell it to us.  Over 95% of home buyers are looking for a house that is perfect in every way, and that is often why houses don't sell.  People would rather buy a different house that have to fix yours. We don't care how much work needs to be done, we''ll buy it in "AS-IS" condition.

We don't need mortgage financing contigencies or need to sell another house first in order to buy yours.  We can buy your house with cash and close quickly, or whenever is convenient for you.

We’re so confident in the value and effectiveness of our solutions, that we offer you this guarantee:

Our Exclusive Five-Point Guarantee:

1. We Guarantee Confidentiality. We hate SPAM, and will never sell or give your information to others, and won't drive up to your house with a "We Buy Houses' sign on our car.

2. We Guarantee Promptness. We know that you are looking for a quick action. We’ve dealt with many situations and know how to solve them.  We won't get "paralysis of analysis" wondering if we can make you an offer or what the next step ought to be.

3. We Guarantee At Least One Solution. Many situations can actually be solved using more than one method. Whether you have are facing foreclosure, divorce, or need to sell your home because of relocation or any other reason...there’s a good chance we can give you more than one possible solution. Won’t it be a good feeling to choose the option you like best, rather than be pushed around by lenders or real estate agents?

4. We Guarantee Professionalism. Con men are fast talkers with lots of contigencies in their contracts, or pressure you to "act now".  What you’ll receive from us are clear explanations, and plenty of time to ask questions and go over ideas, where you’re in control. We can move quickly to solve your problems, but we’ll never rush you to make a decision.

5. We Guarantee Integrity. We know there are other "we buy houses" investors in every city. What separates us from the crowd is our integrity. We want your selling experience to be so great that you will tell your friends and family about us - and that won't happen unless we deliver for you!

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